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Enterprise Zones

The Colorado Enterprise Zone Program encourages private-sector business activity to boost job growth and capital investment in distressed areas of the state.


Let Us Guide You through the EZ Process!

As of March 1, 2024, the administration of the Adams County Enterprise Zones now sits with the Community and Economic Development division of the Adams County Government. If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Administrator at 

The Colorado Enterprise Zone program is a statewide initiative offering various business tax credits to incentivize companies to locate or develop in these designated areas and help nonprofits providing vital services in area communities.

Check if Your Business Qualifies

Is your business in a qualified Enterprise Zone? Click the button below for map & address search.

Apply and Get Certified Online

Businesses in the Enterprise Zone must apply online and be pre-certified annually to claim tax credits.

Learn About the Credits Available

Learn about the various tax credits available to businesses located in an Enterprise Zone.

Contribute to an EZ Project

Support your local community (and receive tax credits) by contributing to an EZ Contribution Project.

2022 EZ Recap for Adams County

New Jobs
Investment Tax Credits
Certifications Filed

North Suburban Medical Center in Thornton, Colorado

A Win-Win For Taxpayers And Communities

Jobs in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and hospitality continue to have the highest job openings across the county. The investment in job training credits in the EZ reflects this need, with almost $144,000 in job training credits for healthcare and $133,000 in construction as examples of continued training and investment in people by companies in the Enterprise Zones.

North Suburban Medical Center, located in Thornton, Colorado, has been a primary example within the healthcare sector, which has benefited greatly from the job training tax credit. In 2022, they trained a total of 627 employees, with 79 being new employees to their operation.

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